Executive Search of Executive Staff

Absolute discretion, highly professional execution and a good nose for people, businesses and mutual potential – this is what makes us stand out as excellent headhunters.

Managerial staff are particularly demanding both on themselves and on their work. Increasingly more employees in managerial roles are placing positions which are more meaningful for the long term ahead of those providing short-term success without regard for the consequences. Sustainability and empathy are being prioritised above bonuses and claim to power.

The concept of management has also become much more enhanced among employers over recent years. Today, depending on the initial situation, companies are looking for managerial staff who are creative, analytical, good at selling, motivating, highly organised or also strong-willed. Everything has its value.

Due to the multiplier effect, a manager should be selected with particular care. Do they fit in with the company and its culture? Do they fully support its strategical demands? Do they have the desired character?

When it comes to this kind of demanding recruitment, the Munich ESGroup stands out thanks to its good feel for people, which never fails to surprise our clients. We do, of course, underpin our intuitive judgement by implementing recognised procedures to analyse potential (insightsMDI®) or by running assessment centres.

We specialise in recruiting managerial staff from the operational side of business, above all from the technical industry.