Direct Search of Specialists

By direct search we contact not only candidates on job search but also a circle of persons who are not actively looking for a new challenge, but whom can be motivated by an interesting offer to change the job.

Clearly defined, practical experience and knowledge are at the forefront when specifically looking for engineers, computer scientists and other technical specialists. Identifying where these skilled personnel are to be found and actively, gradually, and discretely convincing them of the open position is part of the service we offer. This normally concerns experts who can simply not be reached through advertisements and databases.

Candidates approached in this way are often themselves very analytical with regard to respective job offers. This requires particularly careful preparation and an absolutely professional approach, right from the point of making initial contact. As our senior consultants are also qualified engineers themselves, finding common ground when speaking to candidates comes naturally, as they have the advantage of being able to talk on a technical level. This allows any doubts to be cleared up and any urgent questions to be resolved right at the very beginning.

A direct approach is well-received by interested applicants precisely due to the individual facts required for them to assess job offers (and thus make an application).