Plastics Technology

Plastics engineering and the systematic use of modern plastics offer many ways of mastering future hurdles. Hardly any other material can be applied as flexibly.

From its Munich office, the EXECUTIVE SERVICES GROUP focuses on technical expertise and managerial functions in the plastics processing industry. Products made using injection moulding or extrusion have a broad range of uses, e.g. in automotive manufacturing, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and the construction industry.

Plastic foils and various types of plastic foams are frequently used in the packaging industry. Composite materials such as CFRP are particularly interesting – ever more uses are being discovered for these materials.

Irrelevant of whether you are focused on manufacturing these products yourself or whether you are involved in the finishing stages, i.e. printing, coating or hardening – we are here to help you find staff who are able to cope with the high demands in this area, both today and tomorrow.