The automotive industry is viewed as a highly innovative driving force in the German economy, also providing impetus for various other industries thanks to its extensive supply chain and regimented processes.

However, the branch is changing and is currently facing huge challenges. Increasingly stricter exhaust emission values and the scarcity of fossil fuels are compelling the industry to take action. Policymakers are demanding that the e-mobility segment is significantly developed and expanded, and companies are calling for feasible carpooling options. At the same time, newcomers from Silicon Valley are edging into the market and shaking up the core values of established OEMs with their dynamism and unconventional approaches.

Autonomous driving and connected cars are associated with both opportunities and risks; however they are set to completely revolutionise our appreciation of driving and locomotion. The key is not only to stay abreast of the latest technological advances, but to drive them forward. This requires the know-how of engineers at the very top of their game.

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