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Not everyone can do everything.

Being able to recognize your own abilities that others will appreciate, and applying them at the right time, is also an important skill to have. We are a well-attuned team!

The ladies who keep our back office in check are always happy to take your calls from 8am to 6pm, freeing up our consultants to concentrate on recruitment matters. Our customer project managers look forward to receiving your enquiries and are also happy to provide you with some initial advice on your prospects and recruitment potential. Just give us a call!

Daniela Lucas
Daniela Lucas has managed the Munich office of the EXECUTIVE SERVICES GROUP since 2008. Following her studies at the RWTH Aachen University and the University of Bonn, where she graduated with a Diploma in Engineering, she held sales and management positions in medium-sized businesses and major corporations. She has worked as a recruitment consultant since 2003, focusing on positions in the technical industry across all levels of the hierarchy. The industries she specialises in include: mechanical engineering, automotive, building construction, energy and supply engineering, plastics and metalworking, as well as electronics.